Healthy Beverages


When you’re trying to lose weight, watching what you drinkglass-of-water
is as important as watching what you eat.

With the warm summer weather, most of us find ourselves reaching for a cool drink frequently throughout the day. But with so many types of drinks to choose from, the question is, which beverage choices will help, rather than hinder, our weight loss goals and healthy lifestyle?

According to Holistic Pharmacist and Author Sherry Torkos, “First and foremost, it’s important to stay hydrated, both for overall health, and for losing weight. Sometimes people mistake thirst and hunger, so instead of always choosing food to provide that feeling of fullness, there are some common sense beverage choices that can help with satiety, so it’s easier to stay on track with your weight loss program.”

Choose functional water beverages over “energy” drinks.” Most so-called energy drinks actually have a dehydrating effect on the body because they’re full of caffeine. They have very little nutritional value and, when mixed with alcohol, can be hard on the central nervous system. Instead, opt for functional beverages, like Vitamin Water from Glacéau, that rehydrate and provide important nutrients, without artificial dyes, sweeteners, or caffeine.”

Water, Water, Water! “Water is absolutely essential for life and good health. Every day we lose water through normal bodily functions, exercise and environmental factors. Since every organ and system in our body requires water to function properly, drinking water should be a priority for all of us. So, how much is enough? Most dieticians recommend 8-12 cups of fluids daily to stay well hydrated (caffeinated beverages don’t count!). If you don’t like the taste of plain water, add a splash of lemon or other fruit juice for a flavor boost.”

The occasional cup of coffee or tea has benefits. “Tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide, and we’re learning that green tea may help promote weight loss by burning more calories and curbing appetite. For those who like coffee, new research has shown that it contains valuable antioxidants. But beware: One or two cups a day may have its benefits, but too much can lead to issues with anxiety, irritability and insomnia.”

Don’t wait until you are thirsty to have a drink, says Torkos. Rather, keep a container of water handy at all times and enjoy. “Supplying your body with the hydrating and nutrient-rich fluids it needs will enable you to enjoy the best of the summer and fall seasons.


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