Marketing Arsenal for your Business


Basically, these are the continuous from the magazine that i’ve read 🙂 anyway, you dont need to use all of these weapons, bu you do need to know about them. Experiment with several and analyze how well each weapon. so here they are:

A marketing plan, A marketing calendar, Identity, Business Cards, Statinaery, Personal Letters, Telephone marketing, A toll-free number, A vanity phone number, the yellow pages, Postcards, Classified ads, Per-order and per-inquiry advertising, Community Bulletin Boards, Movie Ads, Outside sign, street banners, A window display, Inside sign, Poster, Door Hangers, A value Story, letters of recommendation, Advertising, Direct mail, Newspapers aids, Radio spots, Magazines Ads, Billboard, TV commercial, A computer, A printer/Fax machine, Chat rooms, Forums, Internet bulletin boards, List builiding, Personalize email, an e-mail signature, canned e-mail, bulk e-mail,

audio and video cards, A domain name, A website, A landing page, A merchant account, A shopping cart, Electronic Brochures, RSS feeds, Blogs, Podcasting, E-books, Joint ventures, Word-of-mouse, Viral marketing, Pay-per-clicks Ads, Search engine keywords, Sponsored links, Banner exchanges, sharing, Brochure, Catalog, Business Directories, A newsletter, Free demonstration, Articles, Workshops, Marketing Insight, Yourself, Your employees and reps, Employee attire, Target audience, Circle of influence, Sales training, networking, Affiliate marketing, Media contacts, A-list customer, Satisfied customer, A benefits list, Competitive Advantage, Gifts, PR, Word-of Mouth, Special events, A name tag at events, Gift certificates, Coupons, Guarantees, A tracking plan, Branded entertainment, Intelligent positioning, A name, A theme line, Writing ability, Headline copy talent, Location, Hours and days of operation, Financing availability, Credibility, Reputation, Efficiency, Quality, Services, Price, Upgrade opportunities, Refferal programme, Testimonial, Spying, Extra value, Honest interest to people, Sensitivity, Patience, Flexibility, Generosity, Self-confidence, Neatness, Aggresiveness, Competitiveness, High energy, Speed and Focus.

February 2008, Entrepreneur.

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